The Sony PlayStation 4 pre-orders have already taken off and a release date of somewhere around November 13 is speculated. This is exactly two weeks before the expected launch of the Microsoft Xbox One. Meanwhile, speculations have emerged that the underlying operating system used in the console is based on the FreeBSD operating system.

These speculations and the identification of the operating system have not engendered from anything as outlandish as a leaked console, but from someone who had the chance to lay their hands on the development environment.

Some images posting at VGleaks clearly depict the development environment and the OS as ‘Orbis OS’. It has also been stated that based on the lists of files and libraries, Orbis OS is based on the FreeBSD 9.0.
According to the website Phoronix, the eight core AMD processor used in the PlayStation 4 and the ATI Radeon graphics are really very suitable with the FreeBSD OS.

According to them, there are not any suitable open source Catalyst drivers in the BSD world, which suggest a fair degree of compatibility between Sony and Radeon. As compared to the GNU-licensed Linux distributions, the Free BSD license is friendlier to the commercial developers. It allows Sony to sell the binaries without any obligation to release the associated source code.

These leaked images have engendered a frenzy of speculations that is Sony going to revive the option to sue the PS4 as a FreeBSD computer as well. However, these could also be rumors and a completely different story. No official statement regarding this has been made yet.


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