Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what’s important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

In this list, we’ve compiled every game announced—as well as a few which were shown again—and their PC release statuses, with a few exceptions. We left out games already released on PC, like Diablo III and Planetside 2, as well as long-running console exclusive series and other accepted PC no-shows, such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Super Smash Bros., Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous, Halo, and so on.

Alright, so it’s actually a list of almost every game shown at E3, but even when you cut E3′s Nintendo, Halo, Killzone, and Madden announcements, there’s a ton to see, and it’s all alphabetized here. We’ve also color coded each entry: GREEN means confirmed for PC, BLUE means it’s a maybe, andRED means we doubt the topic will be discussed anytime soon, but hey, anything can happen.


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